New Sponsorship Program Links People to Pets

Participating shelters offer online cat and dog sponsorships in May.

In celebration of Iams’ Friends for Life Month, Iams and the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies launched Iams Sponsoring Friends, a new initiative that connects people to pets through online sponsorship.

During the month of May, Canada and U.S. residents can sponsor a dog or cat from a participating shelter of their choice. The money will go toward keeping the pet healthy until he or she is adopted into a loving, well-matched home.

“We realize that not every Canadian is in a position to bring an animal into their home,” said Alan Rego, Iams Canada, Procter & Gamble Pet Care. “Iams Sponsoring Friends allows people to share the love in their heart while still remaining practical to their living arrangements or lifestyle.”

Donors receive an Iams Sponsoring Friends Certificate, as well as a photo and facts about the pet. For details, visit

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