New Species of Flasher Wrasse Discovered off Indonesia

Paracheilinus rennyae named after Indonesian ichthyologist Renny Kurnia.

Scientists have described a new species of flasher wrasse that hails from Indonesia and is currently known to exist only on the reefs of southwestern Flores Island and off Komodo National Park. The fish, Paracheilinus rennyae, is described by Conservation International as unique in coloration as well as the round shape of its fins.

It was named after ichthyologist Renny Kurnia Hadiaty of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences due to the contributions he made over the years to the study of fish and fish species. The wrasse is the 17th described species of flasher wrasse, which is a favorite family of fish to divers due to their color patterns that are displayed during their mating rituals every night, right before sundown.

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