New Series Repairs Cat-Related Relationship Problems

Animal Planet show "My Cat From Hell" aims to fix unruly cats and their damaged relationships.

Animal Planet will utilize a man who “speaks the language of cats” to investigate feisty felines and the human bonds they have threatened to break in the new series “My Cat From Hell.” In this three-part mini series premiering May 7 cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy brings his understanding of cat nature to relationships on the verge of collapse due to aggressive and sometimes violent felines.

Galaxy sports a shaved head, goatee and multiple cat-themed tattoos. When he forms a personal connection with problem cats and mentors couples in crisis and desperate to hold onto their furry companions, his softer side emerges. He opens a guitar case filled with cat toys and training aides, and investigates the reasons why these cats have evolved from cute kittens into unruly felines. Then, utilizing his 15 years of experience and training techniques perfected at countless animal shelters and in private consultations, Jackson works with the cats and their owners in hopes of curbing their habits and rescuing them from these nightmare situations. 

In each episode, viewers witness first-hand, in-home accounts of cat guardians struggling to reign in their feisty felines and once again find domestic harmony,  including one woman’s emotional dilemma after moving cross country to live with her boyfriend only to discover that his cat does not want her there. In another story, Jackson attempts to save a fiancé who realizes he hates his bride-to-be’s cat and its dangerous habit of going from calm to vicious at a moment’s notice. With limited time and tons of work to do, it’s a race against the clock to save these relationships and the cats before it’s too late.

“I truly believe that I can walk into anyone’s home and use my special skills to resolve their cat issues, whether caused by the owner, the feline or both,” says Jackson. “If it  keeps one cat out of a shelter or off the street, I know I have done my job.”

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