New Series Features Vick Dogfighting Drama

Animal Planet’s investigative report gives an in-depth look at the case, recovery of dogs.

In the kickoff to a brand-new series “ANIMAL WITNESS,” Animal Planet will air “The Michael Vick Case,” premiering Sunday, Aug. 24, a one-hour special that details how it was revealed that Vick trained, fought, and killed pit bulls in an illegal dogfighting circuit he financed.

The investigative report gives an in-depth look at Vick, the law enforcement officers who broke the case, and the dogs who were traumatized in the dogfighting scenario as well as their recovery.

In this special, Animal Planet spotlights the rehabilitation of Vick’s dogs. The segment also showcases the volunteers who rescued and rehabilitated the dogs recovered from Vick’s home.

The program airs at 10 p.m. Sunday.

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