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Cockatiel Foundation provides educational and informational programs

Cockatiel Foundation, Inc.The Cockatiel Foundation, Inc. was created June 2007, and its mission is to promote education, fairness in exhibition and good fellowship among all cockatiel enthusiasts, according to its founding president, Linda Rubin.

Its purpose is to function as a nonprofit, educational, charitable foundation that is dedicated to the continual improvement and enhancement of all cockatiel related topics. “Cockatiel Foundation is inclusive of all aspects of cockatiel culture – from the hobbyist breeder and first-time cockatiel owner to the professional aviculturist and advanced exhibitor,” Rubin said.

Rubin said that one of the Cockatiel Foundation’s goals is to create a nation-wide foster care program for cockatiels in need of a new home. “Cockatiel Foundation is most fortunate to have an experienced director working with coordinators across the country so they may educate and train candidates,” Rubin said. “Candidates will be sought for both temporary foster care homes and forever-homes, and educated with information to learn how to correctly care for their new bird.”

A Youth Education Program was created for those age 17 and under who are interested in joining the Cockatiel Foundation. The program includes special activities and the development of a CD to educate on bird care and on aviculture. Another feature is a special youth division in affiliated clubs’ bird shows.

The Cockatiel Foundation formulated a “Show Standard for the Ideal Cockatiel,” which emphasizes cockatiel health and longevity for members who exhibit at bird shows. Show goers can access a judges’ panel, the show standard and a calendar of events on the website.

For more information on the Cockatiel Foundation, visit its website.

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