New Rat Checklist

A checklist of things to buy before you bring a new rat home.

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Check out this list of things you need before bringing your pet rat home. cwhiteharp/Pixabay
Audrey Pavia
  1. Wire cage with bar spacing no larger than ½ inch apart, or large aquarium with screen cover.
  2. Aspen or pelleted recycled paper bedding
  3. Small boxes or flower pots
  4. Tree branch for climbing (hardwood such as oak or aspen, or dried apple or cherry branches)
  5. A solid-floored exercise wheel
  6. Tubes for tunneling
  7. Rodent chow in block or pellet form; fresh vegetables; grain or hamster seed mix
  8. Attachable water bottle
  9. Unpainted/untreated piece of wood/dog biscuits/safe chew toys for dental health
  10. Safe and rodent-appropriate toys, including swings, ropes or toys made for parrots
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