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My best friend worked as a veterinary nurse for more than a decade. Every spring, all the employees said the same thing: Here come the kittens! I don’t know why it seems like so many are born during the spring, but it sure does seem like more than usual. My two boys both were born in May (although they didn’t find their way to me until August). When I got my kittens, I recently had lost an 18-year-old cat, so I had to get reacquainted with kittenhood and some of the products that come with it.

Get Nailed
When I was growing up, we let our cats play in the backyard, so they wore their nails down on the patio. We didn’t give their nail care much thought because we didn’t have to. I don’t allow my next generation of cats outside, so now keeping their nails clipped is my responsibility. For their first trim, I took the kittens to a groomer who let me watch while she cut their nails. It was money well spent, and I’ve done the work myself ever since.

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