New Owner Defends Jennifer Lopez’s Dog

German Shepherd Floyd’s new owner says, ‘He’s the biggest, sweetest baby.

The dog at the center of the Jennifer Lopez dog attack controversy is getting support from his new owner: actress Nicole Robinson.

“I will go to court to defend Floyd’s honor,” vowed Robinson, who played Margaret Hooper on “The West Wing,” to the New York Daily News. “He’s the biggest, sweetest baby.”

Stewardess Lisa Wilson is suing Floyd’s previous owners Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony over an alleged attack aboard a private jet in 2006. Wilson claims Floyd bit her pant leg, knocking her down and causing a back injury.

Robinson and her husband, political consultant Craig Snyder, bought Floyd in 2007 for $35,000 from a K-9 security company in South Carolina after the Manhattan apartment they share with their 4-year-old daughter was robbed.
Snyder said the couple was informed about the 2006 incident before they bought the pooch.

“Floyd acts like a big baby puppy who just wants to be loved,” Snyder said.

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