New Orleans Mural Showcases Quaker Parrots

Street artist Jeremy Novy has created a mural that celebrates the quaker parrots' transplant nature.

Parrots often capture an artist’s imagination with their bright colors and boisterous personalities. For one artist in New Orleans, quaker parrots (also known as monk parakeets) inspired him to create a mural featuring the birds.

Jeremy Novy, the artist behind the mural, is well known for his street art that features koi. According to his bio:

“For the past eighteen years, Jeremy Novy has utilized stenciled street art to explore social and political issues. Novy has two intentions for his stencils: first, he creates public works that make his city a better place to live by bringing a bit of the arts to everyone, regardless of income or background. Seeing problems such as abandoned telephone booths and boarded up buildings, he creates artful solutions by overlaying stenciled posters onto the disused objects giving them new life.” 

So what inspired him to move from koi to quaker parrots? It? because the birds aren’t originally from New Orleans ?they’re native to Argentina, but many were captured for the wild bird trade. Some managed to escape once in the states, and despite the odds, the birds survived and eventually thrived in their new homes. They’re “transplants,” according to Novy, something that resonated him.

“I’m like a transplant,” Novy said in a article. Novy is originally from Wisconsin, but moved to San Francisco, before moving to New Orleans. “I’m not, like, natively here, but I’m resilient. I’m going to, hopefully, last, like the birds did.” 

Quaker parrots are illegal to own in many U.S. states. It is believed that because they feed on crops in their home, Argentina, that they? do the same here, despite a lack of evidence. Another issue is their nests, which they tend to build on power lines, which sometimes cause blackouts and fires. Utility companies and quaker parrot groups sometimes find themselves at odds on what to do with birds.

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