New Movie Trailer Reveals ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’

The animated movie "Secret Life of Pets" promises to let us know what our animals are up to all day.

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So this is what our pets do when we leave?

If you own any pets — whether they’re feathered or furry and four-legged — you’ve certainly wondered what they do when you lock the door behind you and leave for the day. The teaser trailer for the new animated movie “The Secret Life of Pets,” released today, reveals exactly that, and your animals are getting into just as much trouble as you think they are.

In the hilarious two-minute clip, we see a parakeet pretending to be a fighter pilot, an already fat cat trying to raid the refrigerator and a Miniature Dachshund accidentally learning the secrets of a stand mixer.

That's not how you make frosting. Via Illumination/YouTube

That’s not how you make frosting. Via Illumination/YouTube

The feature film is a collaboration between Illumination Entertainment (the “Despicable Me” people) and Universal Pictures and will feature the voices of Louis CK, Ellie Kemper and Kevin Hart. Unfortunately it doesn’t come out until next summer, so until then, you’ll just have to keep imagining what your dog does during the day.

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