New Mouse Checklist

A checklist of items for a new pet mouse.

Places to obtain a pet mouse include a pet store, breeder or rescue group.

When choosing your mouse, be sure the animal has clear, bright eyes and thick fur (except for hairless varieties). You should not see any nasal discharge, any discharge around the eyes or scabs on the body. Avoid choosing a mouse that has noisy breathing, sneezes frequently or has swelling anywhere on its body.

Use this checklist to purchase items before you bring a new mouse home.

  • Wire cage with bars spaced no more than 1/2 inch apart or large aquarium with screen cover
  • Pelleted or fluffy recycled paper bedding
  • Small nest box or flower pot
  • A solid floor exercise wheel — no rungs
  • Tubes for tunneling
  • Mouse or hamster pellets, or rat blocks
  • Grass hay for nibbling
  • Hanging water bottle
  • Unpainted/untreated piece of wood, dog biscuits or safe chew toys for dental health
  • Safe and rodent-appropriate toys, including swings, ropes and other toys made for climbing
  • Food dish


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