New Killifish Species Discovered in Central Guyana

Laimosemion mabura is striking in coloration.

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Laimosemion mabura hails from central Guyana.
John Virata

Italian ichthyologist Stefano Valdesalici and José Ramón García Gil, a Spanish ichthyologist have discovered a new killifish species that hails from the Essequibo River drainage in central Guyana.

The fish, Laimosemion mabura, was found in a small stream that feeds the Essequibo River. The male fish is similar to that of L. dibaphus, and Valdesalici and García Gil suspect that it is closely related. Like L. dibaphus, L. mabura features bluish black pigmentation on the caudal peduncle but has different color patterns and other morphological characteristics.

The body of L. mabura is longish and has a bright orange dot pattern on both the male and the female. The male’s coloration is slightly darker while the female lacks the bluish black pigmentation on the caudal peduncle. The female is also slightly smaller.

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