New Initiative Aims to Get More Cats to the Clinic Regularly

“Cat Friendly Makeover,” an initiative that aims to increase the number of cats receiving regular, in-clinic veterinary care, is in full swing, the CATalyst Council recently reported.

The group describes the project as a multi-step, implementation-centered behavioral enhancement program for animal hospitals. The project will be executed on a trial basis over the next eight months in 20 U.S. veterinary clinics.

The trial will include incorporating more cat-specific in-clinic videos and distributing various surveys to pet owners, among other tactics. The idea is to see if such simple steps will increase regular cat visits, according to the CATalyst Council.

Additional details will become available as the initiative moves forward.

ThinkPets, a company that provides personalized pet owner education and reminders via a suite of print and digital communications, is helping with the project.

The CATalyst Council also reported that “Connecting Top to Top,” an initiative launched last year to enhance shelter-veterinary relations, has already seen advances in Philadelphia and Colorado Springs, Colo. The next step is to get more partnerships on board, according to the group.

The CATalyst Council said that it continues to work with the American Humane Association and other partners on Adopt-a-Cat Month (June) as well as other initiatives it has helped to evolve and grow over the past three years.


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