New Healthcare Plans Available for Dogs

Veterinary Pet Insurance launches two dog preventive healthcare plans.

Veterinary Pet Insurance has launched two new healthcare plans designed to promote semiannual physical exams and increase options for routine care for dogs.

The two plans — Core and Premier Pet WellCare Protection — are currently only offered to customers in California, but are expected to be available in all 50 states over the next 18 months.

“The new Core and Premier Pet WellCare Protection plans will take routine care coverage to the next level, providing our policyholders with more flexibility and greater reimbursement for the veterinary services they use most,” said Carol McConnell, DVM, director of veterinary education for VPI.

The Core WellCare, which is intended to keep healthy pets healthy, provides dog owners with up to $250 in total annual benefits for $12 per month.

The Premier WellCare, which is designed for dogs that have not been spayed or neutered, dogs requiring regular teeth cleanings or older dogs in need of additional care, offers policyholders up to $400 in total annual benefits for $22 per month.

Both include benefits for physical exams, vaccinations, heartworm testing, fecal testing, deworming, microchip identification, flea and/or heartworm preventive and routine diagnostics. The Premier WellCare includes additional benefits for urinalysis or kidney testing and dental cleaning or spay/neuter.

One aspect of the new plans is reimbursement for two office visits per year. Also, as opposed to reimbursing for specific vaccinations, the Core and Premier WellCare plans feature one reimbursement amount for any selected vaccinations or titer test.

“The Core and Premier WellCare products offer pet owners broader preventive coverage for their pets and flexibility in how to administer that coverage,” Dr. McConnell said. “These products were designed to save pet owners money and encourage regular preventive care, which is the most beneficial way to ensure a pet’s long-term health.”

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