New Hamster Checklist

Use this checklist of things to buy before you bring a new hamster home.

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Get all you need for your new hamster. Via Lisa Padilla/Flickr
Audrey Pavia
  1. 1. A 12 by 12 by 18-inch wire cage with horizontal bars spaced no more than 1/2 inch apart, 10-gallon aquarium with wire mesh top, or plastic cage with tubes, tunnels and hidey-holes
  2. Absorbent bedding such as aspen shavings, shredded paper or pelleted bedding, as well as plain white paper to line the bottom of the cage
  3. An exercise wheel with a solid surface, tubes to run through and a box or other item the hamster can hide or sleep in
  4. A ladder or branch for climbing
  5. Shallow ceramic food dish
  6. Hamster mix
  7. Inverted bottle with drinking tube
  8. Litter scoop to remove droppings, uneaten food and soiled bedding
  9. A piece of untreated wood to gnaw on
  10. A toothbrush for grooming longhaired hamsters
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