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February brings celebrations, changes and a time to reflect at Ferrets magazine.

Welcome, February!

It’s the month of the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and Mardi Gras, just to name a few of the highlights for humans. For pets, it’s National Pet Dental Month, and the 14th is Pet Theft Awareness Day. What a busy month!

So, how are your ferret’s teeth doing? If you’re unsure, Bob Church offers some handy tips on inspecting your ferret’s teeth and its health overall. The tips are easy and quick to do. Check ’em out!

Have you ever had your ferret stolen or know of someone who did? What happened? Leave a comment below about it or send us an e-mail at

As promised, this month Rebecca Stout’s new column debuts. It’s called The Buzz On Ferrets. This time, she regales us with some of the funniest ferret stories she’s ever heard. Next, she’ll explore how people have changed their lives to own ferrets. If you’ve made some changes in your life for ferrets, please share your story. Click here>>

Also debuting this month is a new feature that allows you to tell your ferret story. You can write us about anything ferret related, and we’ll choose one story a month to post. It’s your spotlight, so shine on! This month, Joseph Longcore praises ferrets as therapy animals. For details on sending your story, Click here>>

We have four great articles coming up this month, in addition to our usual columns and sections. Deva Kolb shows how to create a Valentine ferret tapestry this week. On February 9, Ailigh Vanderbush explores how lifestyle changes for owners might affect ferrets. Mid-month, Dr. Sharon Vanderlip alerts us to dangerous items ferrets might ingest, some are surprising. The last week of the month we’ll meet some of the San Antonio Ferret Enthusiasts and find out what’s happening in their area.

With the hope and promise of this new month, I can’t forget the recent tragedies at two ferret shelters. The Ferret City Shelter And Rescue in Washington state was devastated by a flood and Father Nature’s Ferret Rescue in New Jersey was gutted by a fire. I wish the operators of both shelters all the best in their efforts to recover.

P.S. Pssssst! Got any cool videos of your ferrets? Upload them now! It’s free and fun. You’ll also earn 1,000 Club Critter points a week for a video upload (no more than 1,000 points per week will be awarded). Club Critter points can be used to get free gifts or to purchase items in your Club Critter avatar shop.

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