New Face of Instagram: Matilda the Alien Cat

When a disorder caused her eyes to resemble a being from outer space, one cat embraced it and became an Instagram sensation.

Matilda started out like most cats. Even though she was born in less-than-satisfactory conditions in a home of a hoarder, she was rescued and found a forever home with a couple and their dog. She was checked by a vet and everything seemed fine. At 12 weeks old she was just as cute and cuddly as any other kitten.

But then, according to ALIENCATMATILDA, she started having trouble with her eye. It would squint, inciting the nickname Quasimodo, and then the pupil enlarged. This, of course, raised alarm in her pet parents (or ‘servants’ as they’re often referred to on Matilda’s website), but the veterinarians could not figure out what was wrong. Since the condition kept happening and so far the doctors had no answers, one of Matilda’s pet parents called the rescue where she got Matilda. It turned out they had been trying to reach her, informing her that some of Matilda’s siblings were experiencing the same condition: spontaneous lens luxation. In other words, the lenses in their eyes spontaneously detach. While surgery was an option (and one of Matilda’s sisters had it done), cats with spontaneous lens luxation also have a collagen deficiency making healing from surgery and injuries difficult. With the support from a veterinary ophthalmologist, Matilda’s pet parents opted out of the surgery, her website states. They believed as long as she’s otherwise healthy and not in pain, letting her eyes do as they may was the way to go.

The result? A cat whose eyes have taken on an alien look (her Instagram page even says, “I am a visitor here. Pay attention to me. Have you seen anyone else that looks like this? I’m seeking my kind.”).

Alien eyes or not, we think this cat is one of the cutest we’ve ever seen. And the fact that she’s embracing her look, showing it off to the world in an effort to possibly help other cats with her condition is amazing – if only humans could be so brave! No wonder she’s become an Instagram star!

Matilda’s condition does require surgery because it will get worse as she ages, according to her crowdsourcing page. If you’re interested in reading more about it or contributing to her veterinary care fees, visit the Matilda’s Eye Treatments Go Fund Me page.

To see more photos of Matilda, check out her Instagram page.

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