New Crayfish Species Discovered In Alabama

The crayfish lives in complex burrows on land rather than in water.

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Procambarus holifieldi was discovered in a field in Alabama.
John Virata

Researchers have discovered a new species of crayfish that is morphologically similar to Procambarus (Girardiella) barbiger in a field in Perry County, Ala. The crustacean, Procambarus (Girardiella) holifieldi, is a burrowing crayfish and differs from Procambarus (Girardiella) barbiger in size and shape of its caudal processes, the researchers said.

Procambarus holifieldi was discovered in a field in Alabama.

It does not spend a lot of time in water, like many crayfish species, but rather lives on land in excavated complex burrows, leaving its burrow to mate and search for food, usually after heavy rains.


The discovery has caused a revision on the Hagenianus Group in the subgenus Girardiella. The crayfish was  named in honor of the man who found it, Jesse Holifield.

Many folks keep crayfish as pets in crayfish specific aquariums. You can read about keeping crayfish here as well as the various kinds of crayfish that are found in the hobby.  Interesting factoid: The last crayfish discovered and described was named after Edward Snowden, the man who released all that U.S. government data to the media.

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