New Companions For Elderly Ferret

Is it OK to add a new ferret to a family that includes a senior ferret?

Q: My 7-year-old female ferret just died, leaving my male 7-year-old ferret alone. Should I get a new mate or two for him as soon as I can? I would prefer young ones I can train, but would they bully my elderly ferret? What are the chances of them all getting along?
A: Because your ferret is 7 years old, a young ferret or two may be too much for him. That is pretty late in life to introduce a new friend or two. I would let it go for a while until you see how your ferret handles the loss. Keep an eye on his health because he is pretty old. If things go well, you can always add a young ferret to the family and let the two have short play times together.

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