New Cat Video Shares Message About Friendship to Make You Retract Your Claws

Watch as a kitten learns the ropes from a seasoned cat about the ins and outs of friendship.

Has an older friend or family member ever shown you the ropes? That’s exactly how a wiser older kitty shows a younger feline the ins and outs of life in the cat video series “Dear Kitten.”

The latest installment, released last week, shows a sagacious tabby explaining the rules of friendship. His young pupil is an adorable kitten from one of our favorite facilities, Kitty Bungalow School for Wayward Kittens. It’s located in L.A., so natch these cats have star power.

The rules are as follows:

Rule No. 1: Be picky.
‘Nuff said. Choose your friends wisely (also, your toys).

Rule No. 2: Friends are there in times of need.
Like you should wake those humans who sleep, poor humans.

Rule No. 3: You have to set limits.

As in, maybe bite a hand if it plays with you too much.

Rule No. 4: Be assertive.
Friends offer mutual benefits, right? Take what you can/want/need, and give similarly.

Rule No. 5: Talking is overrated.

Put food in your mouth instead of using it to talk.

Rule No. 6: …
This one kind of disintegrates into a catnip high …

Rule No. 7: Friendships do have a kind of rhythm.
“Relationships ebb and flow.”

This is true between cats, among people and cats and definitely within people friendships with one another.

Wise, kitty. Wise.



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