New Cat, Dog Laws Take Effect in Dallas

Provisions include mandatory spay and neuter, pet limits, and dog-tethering restrictions.

The Dallas City Council approved stricter animal laws that call for mandatory spay or neuter, pet limits, and proper tethering of dogs. The provisions take effect Tuesday, July 1. 

Mandatory spay and neuter, the most controversial of the issues, requires the spaying or neutering of most pet cats and dogs in Dallas. City officials cited the number of unwanted pets that are put down in shelters – about 500 per week – as a reason for supporting the ordinance.

The new law also limits the number of owned animals per residence to six cats and/or dogs. Additionally, pet owners must properly restrain and control dogs as part of the new anti-tethering provision.

The city council voted 10-3 in favor of the stricter animal laws.

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