New Breeds, New Triumphs for Recently Recognized AKC Dog Breeds

The road to AKC recognition is long, but rewards await the breeds that make it in the ring.

Chinese Cresteds entered the Toy Group April 1, 1991. Within a week, one of my dogs earned two groups and a BIS.  New breeds regularly surprise us with their accomplishments because many of these dogs are seasoned pros before AKC recognition spotlights their well-honed talents.

Beauceron breeder Susan Bass located Multi Ch. Filou Du Clos Des Hortioux purely by chance during her search for a stud dog. She had no idea of his real potential.  “When I looked at his pedigree I expected to find a common, country bred dog.” To her amazement Filou descended from an outstanding, nearly extinct French bloodline. “He was cross-trained in protection and agility and one show away from his French championship.” Soon after arriving in America, Bass enrolled him in Service Dog training.  He became the first certified Beauceron Service Dog, earned three hero dog awards, and thwarted a robbery while working in this capacity.

New to AKC, the Dogue de Bordeaux has set UKC records for a decade. Michelle Convis’s breeding program has produced the top-winning UKC Dogue, the youngest UKC Grand Champion, and the breed’s first weight-pull champion. “Her registered name is UKC Rarities, DDBS, UKC Weight Pull Ch. Red Dog Ridge Beaute’ Rouge but we call her Sarabi!” says owner Penny Fusner. Even more amazing, Fusner had never before shown a dog. “I knew they could do it and I admit that I pushed them.” says Convis.

Fusner was up for the challenge but never imagined that Sarabi would make history. When UKC confirmed that Sarabi was indeed the first Dogue to achieve a weight-pull championship, Fusner was “thrilled and lost for words! Sarabi and I spent a lot of time on the road enduring rain, heat and topical force winds. It has been so well worth it.” 

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