New Book Establishes Dog Etiquette

Charlotte Reed explains appropriate dog behavior for almost any situation.

There have been thousands of books written about proper human etiquette. They cover every conceivable topic, from how to eat a precarious dessert to how much to tip a hairdresser. Unfortunately, next to nothing has been written about situations involving dog owners and their pets. That is, until now.

“The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette” is the go-to guide for conduct-conscious dog owners. In 27 chapters, author Charlotte Reed covers appropriate behavior for both dogs and their owners in practically every situation. In chapter nine, Reed discusses the inclusion of dogs in weddings. In chapter 13, she advises readers about how to give a good impression when eating out with Max. And in chapters 15 through 19, Reed explains how to deal graciously and politely with those who contribute to your dog’s wellbeing: your vet, groomer, trainer, nanny, and kennel. Reed also relates personal anecdotes about managing her own dogs and includes a handy resource guide at the end of each chapter that contains information about relevant products, organizations, or companies.

After hours of puppy training, socialization, and obedience classes, you may think your dog is ready to interact with the rest of the world. You, however, may still need a primer in doggie decorum, and Charlotte Reed’s book is just the ticket.

“The Miss Fido Manners Complete Book of Dog Etiquette” is published by Adams Media and is on sale now.

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