New App Matches You With Dogs You Can Borrow

Bark'N'Borrow can also help dog owners find a reliable petsitter or dog walker.

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Handsome guys like Leo are waiting for you on Bark'N'Borrow. Via Bark'N'Borrow/Facebook

If you spend enough time with your iPhone in your hand, you’ve probably swiped left, swiped left and swiped left again on an endless string of potential dates. We have downloaded (and deleted… and re-downloaded) enough dating apps to have seen the faces of every eligible person in a four county radius, but none of them have ever seemed as appealing as the potential matches on Bark’N’Borrow.

The iOS app asks users to create a profile and go through a brief screening process before being matched with… dogs! Yes, DOGS — ones that dog lovers can literally borrow for a short period of time. And dog owners can use the service to find responsible dog walkers, pet sitters or play groups for their four-legged friends.

Bark’N’Borrow was created by Liam Berkeley, an Australian who moved to Los Angeles and found himself filling his free time by petsitting for friends, according to the app’s website. It was when he realized that there might be other people like him — people who loved being with dogs but couldn’t have a pet of their own, who could be matched with pet owners and their pups — that the idea for the app was born.

There is no cost for “Borrowers” who want to spend time with a dog, taking them to the dog park, walking them through the neighborhood or just sitting on the sofa, catching up on episodes of “The Mindy Project.”

“The Bark’N’Borrow pack is the most genuine and passionate dog-loving community that you will come across!” the Bark’N’Borrow website states. “Being a part of our pack means that you are an animal enthusiast who understands the joy and fulfillment that dogs bring to our lives. Being like-minded dog lovers, we have a special connection to one-another.”

Best of all, there won’t be any awkward dinners where you run out of things to say to each other and wish you were home watching Netflix instead.

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