Never-Before-Seen Dr. Seuss Children’s Book Available July 28

For the young and young at heart, this new book is expected to warm the heart while dealing with a familiar childhood dilemma.

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What pet would YOU get? Via Facebook

A dog, a fish, a fluffy cat?
A bird, a snake or a little black rat?

Mom asked, “Do you want a new friend?”
And I said, “You bet!”

Now my only question is
“What Pet Should I Get?”

That’s my take on a dilemma that thousands of young kids experience when given the opportunity to bring a pet into their home, and now a never-before-seen picture book by childhood favorite Dr. Seuss tackling this very issue soon will be released.

The book — “What Pet Should I Get?” — will be available to the public on Tuesday (July 28). And what’s so interesting about the new read is that it comes more than two decades after Dr. Seuss, aka Ted Geisel, died.

A boy and his dog. Via o5com/Flickr

A boy and his dog. Via o5com/Flickr

Following the author’s death in 1991, his widow, Audrey Geisel, set aside a box of her husband’s writings and sketches to remodel their home. However, it wasn’t until 2013 — when she and her husband’s secretary were going through his office — that the two found full text and illustrations for “What Pet Should I Get?”

“While undeniably special, it is not surprising to me that we found this because Ted always worked on multiple projects and started new things all the time … he was constantly writing and drawing and coming up with ideas for new stories,” Audrey Geisel said via a press release. “It is especially heartwarming for me as this year also marks 25 years since the publication of the last book of Ted’s career, ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go!’”

The delightful tale, told in Seuss’ signature, rhyming style, follows a brother and sister’s journey to a pet store and their struggle in deciding on what animal to get. The story captures a classic childhood moment and uses it to teach a valuable life lesson: It can be hard to make up your mind, but sometimes you just have to do it.

The book also includes an Editor’s Note that discusses Seuss’ own pets, his creative process and how the manuscript and illustrations for “What Pet Should I Get?” were found.

Be a part of the countdown and relive childhood moments on the Dr. Seuss fan page on Facebook. You can also stay posted on future releases — at least two more manuscripts and art were found in the author’s belongings.

The new Dr. Seuss book comes out on July 28, 2015. Via Random House Children's Books

The new Dr. Seuss book comes out on July 28, 2015. Via Random House Children’s Books

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