Nevada Animal Shelter Adopts
“No-Kill” Policy

The Nevada Humane Society plans to work with private rescue groups to prevent the euthanasia of healthy, adoptable animals.

“Any animal, any time” is the new motto for the Nevada Humane Society of Washoe County, Nev., which recently adopted a “no-kill” policy through a unanimous vote by its board of directors. Bonney Brown, the shelter’s new executive director, plans to work with legitimate private rescue groups to place adoptable animals into adoption programs rather than euthanizing potential pets.

“Because there is no shortage of animals needing to be saved, rescue groups can now take any animal, any time, including highly adoptable kittens and puppies,” Brown said. This new policy can help alleviate overcrowding in shelters and provide medical care, thereby reducing costs to taxpayers, Brown added.

By allowing local rescue groups to take animals from the shelter, Brown hopes to reduce the numbers of animals euthanized at the Nevada Humane Society each year. For more information about the Nevada Humane Society, visit the shelter’s website.

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