Neutral Room

Neutral room is a term that describes a non-territorial place for a pet bird.


A term first used by parrot behavior consultant Sally Blanchard, the neutral room is a space in which a bird has not established territoriality. Such spaces might include a spare room in the house in which the bird has spent little or no time, or the exam room in a veterinary hospital.


Birds can be extremely territorial creatures, so interacting with them outside of their territories can be very useful. Without the distraction of having to guard its turf, a pet parrot is often more predisposed to learning, so training lessons are more productive. Birds that have become territorially aggressive often show a milder, more malleable side when in neutral territory, such as the veterinary exam room. This enables owners to see that the sweet bird of the past is “still in there,” inspiring caretakers who have lost control of their parrot to put in the effort to recapture their lost relationship at home.

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