Nepal’s Kukur Tihar Festival Celebrates Dogs

The festival of lights lasts five days, with dogs being honored on the second day.

Who doesn’t love a festival that honors dogs? Tihar – also known as the festival of lights – is a Hindu festival that’s celebrated for five days. The New York Daily News reports that “each day is dedicated to different religious figures including cow, crow and dog, which signify deep relations between human beings, gods and animals.”



The second day is called Kukur Tihar and is the day dogs are honored. At the festival, which took place on November 10, police officers sprinkled flowers and powder on the dogs as a means of showing the dogs’ sacredness and empowerment. It is said that on this day, dogs are able to bless everyone they encounter.

Take a look at the celebration:

Any festival that honors dogs is worth celebrating, don’t you think?

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