Neighbor’s Complaints About Dogs Prompt Owner To Put Up Colorful ‘For Sale’ Sign

Texas resident Lisa Price said she hoped her strongly worded sign would "help him to back off."

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Is this sign crude or creative? Via CBS DFW

Unless you stay in Howard Hughes-like solitude, live in an isolated corner of one of the Dakotas or spend your nights in Narnia, you’ve probably had at least one neighbor that you weren’t crazy about. Maybe they blasted Molly Hatchet in the middle of the night, maybe they gave toothbrushes as Halloween treats or maybe they constantly complained about your dogs to the city. The latter is a situation Lisa Price has found herself in, and the Farmers Branch, Texas, woman has put her feelings about her neighbor in red letters and staked it in her front yard.

Price, who has four dogs, told CBS DFW that her neighbor had repeatedly complained to the city about her dogs barking and had installed exterior cameras that watched her own back yard. When she received a $121 ticket from the city for a “barking dog,” she didn’t get mad, she got creative.

Price had a sign printed that read “House For Sale By Owner Because My Neighbor’s a Douchebag!” Although police officers and at least one city council member have asked her to remove the sign, she has refused. And despite her colorful characterization of the guy next door, it reportedly doesn’t break any laws, so for now, it’s staying.

“All our neighbor has to do is come over and talk to us and take the cameras down and be a nice neighbor,” she told the news station.

Her home isn’t really for sale. But who’d buy it anyway, if you know you’re living next to that guy?

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