Need A Laugh? Check Out These 22 Tweets About Cats

You’ll be LOLing in no time.

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Cat logic. Via Meowingtons/Twitter
Cari Jorgensen

This has been an interesting year, hasn’t it? A dog was elected mayor. A cat got its own statue. A snake showed off his hipster style. Other weird things happened. If you’re feeling so overwhelmed — especially during the holidays — that you could just cry, cry not. We have a collection of cat tweets that are guaranteed to make you laugh. Possibly ‘til you cry.

1. The Allergy Issue

Anyone know a good home for Tom?

2. The Nature Of Liquids

No wonder cats fit anywhere and everywhere.

3. The Box Desire

“Come on, human. You know better than that.”

4. The To Do List

All those will be checked off in no time.

5. The Missed Kitty

Repeat until you’re back with your kitty.

6. The Verge Of Starvation

He is doomed.

7. The Bathroom Buddy

Well, you know the cat’s not going anywhere.

8. The Birthday Gift

It’s perfect!

9. The Salad Topping

We may be ordering out tonight.

10. The Spoiled Kitty

Nah, he’s not spoiled. He’s just well-loved.

11. The Handful

This one might be channeling Spider-Man.

12. The Bed Hog

You know he’s claimed the whole bed.

13. The 9-1-1 Call

When meowing didn’t work.

14. The Climber

To catch the lizard, one must become the lizard.

15. The Superhero


16. The Translator

Cats are surprised by its accuracy.

17. The Makings Of A Cat Lady

It might be mom’s fault.

18. The Contradiction

This sounds like every cat.

19. The Tab

This sounds like a good idea.

20. The Plan To Get Cats

We like this plan.

21. The Lost Cat Sign

We’ll take him.

22. The Gift

There’s no doubt this cat is super excited.

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  • If I comtinucamed I could thank you enough for this, I’d be lying.

    Lynell November 30, 2016 8:53 pm Reply

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