Need A Last-Minute Gift Idea? Try Cat Monopoly

This game is great for the cat lover on your list (especially if that cat lover is you).

Play the game for pet fans. Via dudeiwantthat

Are you a last-minute Christmas shopper? Is there someone on your list you forgot to buy for? Well, if they love cats and games, this may be the perfect gift for them. And if you’re done with all that Christmas shopping, this game may be the perfect thing to treat yourself with (you deserve it after all that shopping and wrapping).

With all the versions out there of the classic game Monopoly, we have a plethora of choices to suit our fancy. This new version suits our Cat Fancy. (See what I did there?) Now there’s a version of Monopoly that’s perfect for people who love cats and it’s aptly named Cat-Opoly.

“Cat-Opoly is a Monopoly for people who really, really, really like cats. And cat videos, cat memes, cat selfies, cat forums, cat Reddit threads…” states. Instead of buying up property, players buy up cats of various breeds. Instead of going past Go, players travel past Scat and instead of jail you land in the dreaded bathtub. reports that “playing pieces include a milk bottle, mouse, sardines, cat food, fish and ball of yarn.”

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