Need A Distraction? Watch Hamsters Recreate ‘Harry Potter’

Watch these furry creatures take on wizardry and quidditch.

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"Hamster Potter" is the perfect distraction.
Cari Jorgensen

Have a long to-do list? Has the work week felt like two weeks? If could use a little break, we at have just the thing for you: a video of hamsters recreating “Harry Potter”.

If you’re anything like us, you can get lost in a book or a film. Your mind stays focused on the characters and the adventures they’re having.

On to Hogwarts! Via Mashable Watercooler

And when there’s cute little critters involved? Well, that just makes the distraction even cuter.

The video, dubbed “Hamster Potter” and posted to YouTube by Mashable Watercooler, features hamsters from Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven in New York.

Making himself presentable for his new school. Via Mashable Watercooler

In it, a hamster, presumably playing the title character, is summoned to Hogwarts, the boarding school for hamster wizards. He travels by train and by boat to get there. Upon arriving, the magic takes over, with the hamsters in the framed photographs suddenly moving (how did they do that?!). His parents even appear in a mirror.

Did that picture just move? Via Mashable Watercooler

Hamster Potter meets the other students, gathers in the Great Hall and engages in a game of quidditch.

We recommend watching the video on repeat.

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