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Nebraska Cops Get Seriously Creative To Rescue Cat Stuck In A Tree

You'll never guess what they used to lure him down.

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That's the cutest use of a bulletproof shield in history. Via Officer TJ Markowsky/Twitter

Well, this is something that probably isn’t in the Taser instruction manual. A police officer in La Vista, Nebraska, recently used his Taser to rescue a cat who was stuck in a tree, coaxing him out of the branches by using the red laser on the weapon.

After presumably trying and failing with the “Here kitty, kitty” method, Officer TJ Markowsky used a police-issue bulletproof shield to make a bridge between himself and the cat. Then, perhaps remembering all of those cat-versus-laser pointer YouTube videos, Officer Harold Rappold lured the cat onto the shield using the red light on his Taser.

“Ofc. Rappold uses Taser red dot to coax cat onto our ‘bridge.’ By policy has to do paperwork now,” Markowsky joked on Twitter. (And yes, he’s totally joking).

The two took the cat to the local humane society where, according to Global News, the cat was quickly adopted. If he ever gets stuck in a tree again, his new owner knows what to do.

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