Nearly 4-Foot-Long Maine Coon Named World’s Longest Cat

Ludo, a Maine Coon from the United Kingdom, holds the Guinness World Record for longest domestic cat.

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Ludo the large.
Stephanie Brown

Maine Coon cats are some of the biggest domestic cats around, and one from the United Kingdom is officially the longest.

Guinness World Records awarded Ludo, a Maine Coon who lives with his owner Kelsey Gill in Wakefield, UK, the title of longest domestic cat alive for 2017.

Ludo is definitely large and in charge — measuring 3 feet, 10.6 inches long (118.33 centimeters). If Ludo were to stand up on his hind legs, he’d be almost as tall as a 6-year-old child!

That's a big cat. Via Guinness World Records/YouTube

That’s a big cat. Via Guinness World Records/YouTube

Gill fell in love with Maine Coons after seeing them portrayed in the “Harry Potter” movies (Mrs. Norris is played by a Maine Coon). She wanted a big cat, and boy, did she get one.

She brought Ludo home when he was 13 weeks old, and it wasn’t long before she realized he was larger than other Maine Coons his age.

“We thought Ludo could be the world’s longest when we had started seeing clips in newspapers of cats that were a lot older than Ludo and looked a similar size to what he already was at a such a young age,” she told Guinness.

Big cat coming through.

Big cat coming through. Via Guinness World Records/YouTube

But it ain’t easy being long.

“Ludo being so long means he’s quite clumsy and he’s not as agile as other cats,” Gill said.

And he definitely can’t hide like other cats.

“You can always find Ludo,” she said.

Other than that, he’s pretty much a regular cat. He likes playing with toys, lazing around and being cuddled.

Ludo loves curling up with a good book, especially if he's in it.

Ludo loves curling up with a good book, especially if he’s in it. Via Guinness World Records/YouTube

While he certainly is a big cat, Ludo still is almost 5 cm (1.96 inches) smaller than the longest cat ever, fellow Maine Coon Mymains Stewart Gilligan, aka “Stewie.”

Owned by Robin Hendrickson and Erik Brandsness of the United States, Stewie measured just over 4 feet long (123 cm), but he passed away in January 2013.

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