Nature Reserve Established To Protect Rare Colombian Birds

Chamicero de Perij?ature Reserve is built for the protection of endemic species in the area.

The Serran?de Perij?ountain Range
The Serran?de Perij?ountain range in northern Colombia is the longest in the world. It went untouched for decades. Lush, green forests and local wildlife thrived. Today, however, agricultural expansion and colonization resulted in the deforestation of 98 percent of the tropical forests in the area.

Without the forests, the wildlife has suffered. The population has dwindled to staggeringly low numbers.

It is only in recent years that the area has been studied. The instability of the war-torn country brought with it numerous difficulties in conducting scientific research.

For almost 10 years now, since the reestablishment of stability, ProAves has been studying the area. They?e discovered the endemic species Perij?histletail, Perij?etaltail and the Perij?rush-finch, which they?e concluded are endangered. They?e discovered several other birds (Screech-owl, Brush-finch, Spinetail and Tapaculo) living in the area as well, and it is believed that these species are also threatened by colonization.

The Chamicero de Perij?ature Reserve
Through the efforts of ProAvesGlobal Wildlife Conservation (GWC) and Rainforest Trust, a protected area of the Serran?de Perij?as been established. The Chamicero de Perij?ature Reserve, consisting of 1,850 acres, was built to protect the environment of the area and provide threatened wildlife with the habitat they need.

“Without this reserve, the chances are high that within a few years nothing would be left of the spectacular forests that once covered Colombia? Serran?de Perij? Rainforest Trust CEO Dr. Paul Salaman said, according to

Additional Benefits
The wildlife, flora and fauna that is endemic to Serran?de Perij?s not all that is protected by the Chamicero de Perij?ature Reserve. The reserve also protects two water sources necessary for the survival of nearby city Valledupar and multiple towns in arid climates.

“This reserve is a win for everyone. Not only is it going to be a permanent lifeline for the region? many endemic species that have nowhere else to go, but it is also a major victory for nearby cities and towns that will benefit for years from the water it provides,?Salaman told ProAves.

To learn more about the organizations behind the reserve, visit their websites:,,

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