Natural Remedies for Hairless Dog Breeds

Many safe, natural treatments for common skin disorders can be found in your kitchen.

Hairless breeds such as the Xolo, Chinese Crested, American Hairless Terrier and Peruvian Inca Orchid require special grooming and skin care. If your hairless dog is affected by dryness or allergies, try the appropriate natural remedy below. Remember to consult your veterinarian first.

Ailment: Itching and inflammation from insect stings, sunburn, or reactions to topical flea medications

Soak dog in a bath containing ¼ cup of baking soda. Afterwards cover inflamed areas with one of the following:
• paste of baking soda (2 parts), water (1 part) and aloe juice (1 part)
• paste of finely ground oatmeal (1 part) and  water (1 part)
• plain goats milk yogurt
Leave until it dries and flakes off (or other dogs lick it off). Cover dog with a light cotton tee shirt after application to prevent licking.
Repeat for two to three days.

Ailment: Contact dermatitis from poison ivy, oak, or sumac

To draw out irritants and dry up blisters make a paste of water (1 part) mixed with 1 part finely chopped baby oatmeal (finely chopped oatmeal for baby consumption available in health-food storesor baking soda. Stand dog in bath and apply paste to rash and blisters with a soft cloth. Leave until dry. Repeat twice daily for two to three days.
Caution: Urushiol is an extremely potent toxin found in ivy, poison oak, and related plants. It may be transferred from one affected dog to another dog by way of licking or touching. Keep the affected dog isolated to prevent other pets from licking or touching open lesions or ingesting the paste that has been applied. Secondary contact can cause inflammation of mouth or throat or respiratory distress.

To promote healing and relieve itching from sunburn or contact dermatitis

Apply several daily applications of fresh diluted aloe juice, aloe gel or cream, or oatmeal water. (Strain one cup of cool water through oatmeal in a strainer or cheesecloth. Discard oatmeal. Carefully apply liquid with soft cloth)

Ailment: Dry skin

Soak dog weekly in warm bath containing 1/8 to ¼ cup food grade oil (almond, vegetable, or olive) until skin is well hydrated. After bathing massage two additional coats of  ½ to one tablespoon of oil into the skin. Oil can be applied twice daily to very dry skin.

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