National Nutrition Month for Cats

In March, while people set new nutritional goals, why not consider diet tips for your cat?

March marks National Nutrition Month, a good time to pick up healthy habits for both people and cats. Cat nutrition is key to cat health, and who doesn’t want to be healthy at the start of spring and all year long? Begin with these four tips for cat nutrition.

Cat Food Labels
Start by knowing what’s in your cat’s food. See what cat food manufacturers must do to meet national standards. Check out how to decode information on cat food labels.

Cat Food Ingredients
Even when you know what cat food labels say, you might like a better explanation on what these cat food ingredients are. Take a look behind the ingredients in cat food and see how they can help your cat’s health.

Vegetarian Cats?
Ever wonder if you could have a vegetarian cat? Experts agree that cats are obligate carnivores.

Cat Diets
When you have multiple cats, keeping them on diets can be tough. One cat might eat more than her fair share. Find out how to keep cats on a diet in a multicat household.

For more information on cat food and cat diets, check out our Cat Nutrition page. 

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