National Ferret Day

April 2 is National Ferret Day, a day to celebrate ferrets.

Although not as popular as Halloween, Memorial Day or other observances, National Ferret Day, on April 2 in the United States, has gradually gained momentum through the years to be celebrated by more and more members of the ferret community. Ferret owners and enthusiasts celebrate the day in their own way, usually by doing something special for their ferrets. But what is the origin of this event?

A member of the USDA National Agricultural Library staff revealed that National Ferret Day is not listed in the federal records as of 1994.

After 1994, the National Special Events Registry took over listing such observances, according to its website. “In December 1994, the leadership of the U.S. House of Representatives announced that Congress would no longer officially recognize special days, weeks, or months sponsored by associations, corporations, or individuals.” Access to this database of events is available only for a fee. [Update: National Ferret Day has been in the National Special Events Registry since 1995 according to John Kremer, president of Open Horizons, the company that operates the registry. No informaton is available about the founder of the day.]

An Internet search reveals that although National Ferret Day was mentioned as occurring in February a few times, other mentions overwhelmingly put the day on April 2. Possibly the first mention of National Ferret Day is on the Daily Miscellany page from 2001. And possibly the earliest recurring mention of it begins on the Holidays For Everyday page for April 2, 2004.

Interestingly, a National Ferret Day began in the United Kingdom in 2007, with May 5 chosen as the day. The founder of National Ferret Day in the United Kingdom is Ian Kearns of the Ferret Education and Research Trust (FERT). 

Whatever the origin, ferrets and ferret enthusiasts continue to celebrate this day.

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