Natalie Portman Gets Unwelcome Greeting From Dog

Paparazzi catch a dog lifting his leg on the actress’s shoe at a NYC dog run.

Natalie Portman got more than she bargained for during a recent stroll in New York City with her Yorkshire Terrier and boyfriend, Venezuelan-born folk singer Devendra Banhart.

The “Star Wars” actress was in Lower Manhattan at a popular dog run when a scruffy terrier mix approached her and her dog. When Portman crouched down to say hello, the dog lifted his leg and peed on Portman’s shoes – all in front of the waiting paparazzi lenses.

Portman looked horrified at first but then appeared to laugh off the incident and resume her stroll. Luckily, the actress seemed to be wearing rain boots.

Portman, who has appeared with her Yorkie on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” was on a break from filming her new movie “New York, I Love You,” a collection of short films set in the city.

View a photo of the incident on the New York Post’s website.

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