Sibling Cats Cement Strong Bond Through Power Of Naps

Sibling cats Renley and Lili have loved napping together since kittenhood.

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If these cats had a relationship self-help book it would just be pictures of them napping, which has totally worked for them. Viarenley_lili/Instagram

Cats that nap together, stay together. One Instagram account proves this.

Renley and Lili are the brother/sister stars of the popular Instagram page @renley_lili. It opens with them napping together, showcases their life napping together, then continues with new pictures of them… napping.

The sleep bond is strong with these two. Here are some highlights.

1. Beginning Nappers

Like a perfect yin and yang pattern.

2. Outgrowing The Bed

Still trying to fits, even though they’ve doubled in size.

3. Finding Alternative Nap Spots

When both your kitties fall asleep on you ❤️ #cute #kittens #cats #mainecoon #babies #love #catsofinstagram

A photo posted by Renley & Lili (@renley_lili) on

This person will make a nice new nap locale.

4. Sleeping For All Seasons

Warm weather means lion cuts and open-air sleeping.

5. Perfecting Pattern Napping

Sleeping in style by following the carpet layout. Chic.

6. Nailing Nap Prep

“An empty box?? We will nap here kthxbye.”

7. Healing Through Sleeping

“You smelled funny and I kind of hated you when you came back from the vet but let’s sleep off that awkwardness and get back to business. I mean sleeping more. Let’s get back to that.”

8. Bonding Strongly Through Sleep

Enjoying the sunshine ☀️ #mainecoon #catsofinstagram #love #babyanimals #ginger #besties #mainecooncat #lioncut A photo posted by Renley & Lili (@renley_lili) on

Mutual nap cuddling is the secret to a happy relationship.

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  • This is just adorable. I have a pair here that looks just like Lily and Renley , and they act the same way.
    Always – always – if you can, keep littermates in bonded pairs. They’ll be there for you, and for each other <3 Who doesn't like to have a buddy around. Am I right!

    KatWrangler August 3, 2016 8:46 am Reply

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