Nanday Conures Could Get the Boot in Pennsylvania

The state? Game Commission is considering adding nanday conures to a list of animals illegal to sell or possess

The Pennsylvania Game Commission will consider a ban on selling and possessing nanday conures at its upcoming meeting, begining Sunday, Jan. 27, 2008 continuing through Jan. 29. The proposal amends the state code to “prohibit the importation, possession, sale and release” of the nanday conure “in response to human health/safety and wildlife habitat,” according to the commission’s Jan. 29 agenda.

The state already makes it illegal to sell or own a quaker parrot. However, quaker parrots, which like the nanday conure are native to South America, are banned in several states due to their innate ability to adapt to nearly any climate and their propensity for building large nests on power lines. Nanday conures, however, are not typically the target of such legislation and don’t build nests on power lines.

The American Federation of Aviculture (AFA), which represents pet bird breeders, issued an alert on the pending legislation to its members, urging those in Pennsylvania to attend the commission’s meeting to speak against the proposal.

“Nandays already in PA would also become illegal and subject to confiscation and euthanasia as pests if this proposal becomes law,” Genny Wall, the AFA’s legislative vice president wrote in the alert.

The commission’s website states that it will begin taking public comments on other issues beginning Monday, Jan. 28. The doors open at 7:45 a.m., as does registration for comments. The commission will continue its agenda the following day, Jan. 29.  For more information or to submit written comments, the agency can be contacted at 717-787-4250 or here.

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