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Don’t know what to engrave on that dog tag? "Calling All Dogs” has you covered.

Calling All DogsFido. Lucky. Spot. These are just some of the golden oldies of dog names. But times are changing. Dogs are increasingly becoming part of the family. More money than ever is being spent on pets, on everything from clothing and jewelry to customized beds and organic food. The same old stuff just won’t do anymore, and this includes dog monikers. A name doesn’t just say something about the dog himself; it also reflects on the owner. Is she traditional? Imaginative? Literary? Pop culture obsessed? There’s a lot riding on that group of syllables.

To help new dog owners out with their christening dilemmas is a new book, “Calling All Dogs!” Author Joanne O’Sullivan has compiled and categorized hundreds of potential “tags” for your pooch.

Are you a sitcom junkie? Try looking under “Small Screen Dogs,” and name your pet after famous canines like Eddie from “Frasier” and Princess Dandyridge Brandywine from “Sex and the City.” Dost thou prefer wit of a higher brow? Look for inspiration under “Thou Call’dst Me Dog,” which lists some of Shakespeare’s finest character creations. Possibilities include the imposing Balthasar and the water-loving Ophelia. How about dogs who appeared in animated form? Try the section “Cartoon Dogs.” You’ll find options like Dogbert (“Dilbert”), Gromit (“Wallace and Gromit”), and Snert (“Hagar the Horrible”).

Maybe you’d like to inspire your dog with a name of greatness, instead. For this, try “Best in Show Winners,” “Political Pooches,” and “Space Dogs.” Choices in these categories include Barberryhill Bootlegger (a Sealyham Terrier Westminster BIS winner), Madam Moose (George Washington’s Dalmatian), and Laika (the first animal to orbit the Earth).

But no matter which name you choose, remember one thing: You’ll be the one shouting it across the dog park.

“Calling all dogs” is on sale now.

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