Nacho Flay: Bobby Flay’s Cat All Up in Instagram’s Grill

Instagram heats up with photos of Bobby Flay's cat, Nacho Flay.

Iron Chef Bobby Flay may be the ultimate grill master, but it’s the sizzling Food Network star’s feline, Nacho, who is currently heating up Instagram and finding his own breed of celebrity!

Adopted by the Flay family in November 2014 to serve as a companion to Flay’s 22-pound cat, Taco, the orange Maine Coon is fast becoming one of Instagram’s biggest feline stars since joining just eight weeks ago, logging nearly 10,000 followers with his @nachoflay account.

Describing himself with a simple “I like fish,” the kitty, who shares the same hair color as his human counterpart, likes to post photos of his day to day, proffering #catgoals with his kitchen excursions and general mischief making.

Sometimes he commandeers his dad’s mixing bowls.

Every cat needs their own mixing bowl. Sorry Dad. This one is mine!

A photo posted by @nachoflay on

Occasionally he pitches in with kitchen duty (and always remembers to wash his paws).

I’m here for some tuna.. But first, I will wash my paws.

A photo posted by @nachoflay on

But he always makes time for chilling with dad – making frequent appearances on his Instagram @bobbyflay.

Are you a Nacho and Bobby follower?

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