Mystery: Motive For Cats Putting Rear Ends In People’s Faces

A cat-butt to the face should be seen as a sign of love.

A cat’s rear in your face is a sign of affection. Via Stig Andersen/Flickr

–Brendan Hancock

Cats are made up of lots of great parts. Who among us can resist those four cute paws, that expressive tail, the delicate whiskers that add so much character to their adorable faces or the pair of ears that sit atop their sweet heads? It’s too bad that your cat, as well as many, many others, believe their butts are equally appealing.

The simple answer to your question is that your cat sticks her butt in your face to communicate. A tail in the air lets you know she is relaxed and comfortable. When she turns around and raises her butt to you she’s offering you her scent and signaling that she’s ready for affection. If you were a male cat, this could be your cue that she’s amenable to mating. When she does it to you — I assume you’re not a cat — this is your chance to give her some pets, perhaps the long, stroking kind from her head to her tail.

Remember, a butt in the face is a sign of love.

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