My Rescue Cat Is Bleeding

CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, explains the life-threatening condition pyometra.

Q: I rescued a young cat from in front of a restaurant a week ago. The cat is very young and small aside from the fact that she was very thin and hungry. The owners of the restaurant said the cat had been hanging around for a few days, but they didn’t feed her because they wanted her to go home. They also said she had lost babies. I took her home with me and made her comfortable. She has a healthy appetite, she has no signs of pain, and she’s very sweet and social. Our two Golden Retrievers don’t bother her. But she has been bleeding from the vagina since we brought her home. I thought it might stop, but it’s been a week. It’s not excessive bleeding, but it is continuous. I’m wondering if this is a result of losing kittens or normal for a cat is season, and what should I do for her?
A: You need to take your cat to the vet right away. She is an unspayed female, and she may have a condition called pyometra – an infected uterus. The discharge you’re seeing might be blood, but it is more likely to be bloody pus. This could be a result of having miscarried. It could be that she did not expel all of her babies, and that she has a dead, infected fetus still in her uterus. Regardless, this is a serious — and possibly life-threatening — condition. She will need to be spayed right away.The fact that she is eating well and shows no signs of illness makes for a more favorable prognosis. Take her to your veterinarian promptly. 

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