My Kitten Has Ear Mites

CatChannel veterinary expert Arnold Plotnick, DVM, discusses ear mites and methods for getting rid of them.

Q: My kitten is constantly scratching at his ears. I checked them and there was black earwax. I cleaned out his ears with some swabs, but it didn’t help. I looked it up and found out it means he could have ear mites. I took the article’s advice and put mineral oil in his ears. It helped a little, but he keeps on scratching. How many times should I put the mineral oil in his ears? Are there any stronger, safe-at-home methods?

A: Ear mites are especially common in kittens, and I feel pretty certain that this is indeed ear mites, but you should take your cat to your vet to confirm the diagnosis. Mineral oil is not an effective treatment for ear mites. There are many products that safely and effectively treat ear mites. One in particular is Revolution, which can be used safely in kittens and is easy to administer. Ear mites are a nuisance, but they are easily treated. Your kitten should do fine. 

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