My Indoor Cat Sneezes

Indoor cats: Can they catch colds? Find out the reasons for cat sneezing.

How is it that my indoor cat catches a cold? He’s sneezing and lethargic. Elizablest CatMom Moonrose

If your cat has more than an occasional sneeze and acts lethargic, too, he should be seen by his vet. Your cat could have an upper respiratory infection, caused by a virus or certain bacteria, which your vet will be able to combat with a course of medication.

If other cats live in the house, have a vet evaluate them as well; these infections are very contagious. You can take the visit as an opportunity to get your cat back on track with vaccinations, if he’s fallen behind. Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), a condition that can be prevented by vaccine, can result in chronic respiratory infection.

Another possibility is that your cat’s tiny nose is being irritated by something environmental, like his litter (your vet might recommend experimenting with a different type), dust, pollen, the cleaning products you’re using or even scented candles.

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