My Furry Valentines

When you are a pet sitter, you often spend holidays and weekends in someone else’s home. This Valentine’s Day was no different. I had three different clients that needed my services over the weekend that also included Presidents Day.

The first client had three kitties for me to look after. I have worked for them for almost two years now and was happy to visit their precious pets twice a day.

Another longtime client called and needed me to stay with two cats and two dogs for three nights. One of the dogs, a beautiful Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Ruby, is a favorite of mine. She loves to cuddle and lives for her Greenie treats. Her sister, a year-old Maltese named Zoe, is very energetic but also very sweet. She loves to sit in my lap and have her back scratched. The two kitties that live with them put up with Zoe’s antics but usually stay upstairs while the dogs stay downstairs.

My other client was a last-minute addition. Flax is a 16-year-old pit bull with arthritis and cataracts. His pet parents had to go out of town suddenly for one night, so I spent my Valentine’s night with him. Flax has some difficulty walking, but he was walking better than the last time I saw him during the holidays. We were able to go on a nice walk, which he enjoyed. Flax appreciates everything I do for him and shows it by coming up to the couch and putting his head in my hand.

Even though I had to leave my own pets alone on Valentine’s night, I was happy to share my love with all the pets I took care of this weekend. And they appreciated it, too, and gave me lots of kisses to show me!

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