My Doggie Valentine

They know when we are filling blue, listen to us attentively, and never get cross. Our dogs are definitely our best friends, so why wouldn’t we want to spend Valentine’s Day with them?

After all, they really are the perfect partner and just might be the truest love we ever have.

So, this Valentine’s Day, spend the day doing something special with your furry valentine.

1. Doggy Dinner. Grab a picnic with goodies for you and your dog, and go your favorite park, beach, or woods. Bring along your sweetheart and their dog for a perfectly romantic day. Not only is it an inexpensive option for those of us short on money, it’s much more romantic than fighting crowds at a restaurant.

2. Puppy Portraits. Get your dog groomed, put on your favorite outfit, and have some professional pictures taken of you and your dog. A memory that will last a lifetime, these special pictures will remind you of your special bond for the rest of your life. Have your two-legged family members join in the photographs and make it a special family portrait.

3. Movie Mania. If the weather where you live is not nice enough for a picnic, then plan a nice cozy dinner in with your best friend. Cook or order in your favorite meal, plan a special treat for your dog like chicken and rice or new bone, pick out your favorite dog movies and snuggle up by the fire for an all night marathon; ahh, the perfect recipe! Tell your other sweetheart they can come too…if they bring the popcorn!

4. Café Couple. Grab your favorite book and head to your local dog-friendly café. You can read and enjoy your coffee while your valentine enjoys being out and about.

5. Pampered Pet. Take your dog to a doggy spa to get pampered while you do the same for yourself. Then, treat your dog to a mini shopping spree at the local pet store and don’t forget to buy a treat for yourself at your favorite boutique.

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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