‘My Dog’ Documentary Features Stars Talking Dogs

The film hopes to answer the question: Why do people love dogs?

"My Dog" DocumentaryThe documentary “My Dog” began with a simple question: Why do people love dogs?

For playwright and “My Dog” filmmaker Mark St. Germain, the question kept nagging at him after he met with actor Richard Gere to discuss a potential project. St. Germain told People Pets the meeting felt stiff until Gere’s dog arrived. Only then, after Gere got down on the floor to play with the pooch, did the actor open up to St. Germain.

Afterward, St. Germain called Daryl Roth, a longtime friend and theater producer. He thought Roth, a “crazy dog lover,” would have some answers for him: What is it about people and their dogs?

“People that are very public figures, in their private lives, the time they spend with their dogs is the most honest…and unconditional love,” Roth told him.

Roth and St. Germain decided to produce the documentary, which features celebrities talking about what their dogs mean to them. Gere, Glenn Close, Isaac Mizrahi, Edie Falco and Chris Meloni all agreed to participate.

The filmmakers, who will divvy up 20 percent of the film’s proceeds among each star’s favorite animal-related charity, spent about two hours filming each of their subjects.

“It was just a moment with their dogs,” Roth said. “These are people that are always asked for things, but dogs don’t want anything other than love from their masters. These are people who really need that quiet and private time, where they can just be themselves.” 

“My Dog” is available on DVD. Click here to learn more.

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